Coastal Crunch is committed to ‘healthy eats for a healthy planet’. Besides creating healthy eats, we are also incrementally improving the sustainability of our product packaging. To this effect, we have joined Roll ‘n’ Recycle®, an innovative program that aims to reduce the negative effects of plastic through utilising recyclable materials and creating an efficient method for their disposal to the household.

Plastic is one of the most widely used materials all over the world and it is a perfect medium for keeping food safe on the shelf at the supermarket. However, we know plastic is also one of the primary contributors to pollution. This is why it is important to us to find solutions that can balance the need to have shelf stable products as well as close the loop on the use of plastic.

What is ROLL ‘N’ RECYCLE®?

Roll ‘n’ Recycle® is a program that aims to make a substantial contribution to the recycling industry and minimising landfill. Traditionally, soft plastics were recycled by collecting them and dropping them into the redcycle bin at the local supermarket. While this was a pretty good method, it depending on each household to ‘do the right thing’ and take the effort to collect these soft plastic and not just throw them in their rubbish or into their recycling bin where they would be sorted into landfill anyway.

Roll ‘n’ Recycle® offers a much easier and more convenient solution. Through the use of monopolymer pouches, households can now throw their empty Protein Crunch pouches directly into their kerbside recycling. These flexible plastic pouches can be rolled into a 3D shape, which will prevent them from getting mixed with paper during the 2D/3D separation process.

The Roll ‘n’ Recycle® program aims to: 

  • engage and support packaging converters/manufacturers to proactively innovate and sell flexible monopolymer pouches.
  • encourage brand owners to make their products’ packaging recyclable through household recycling bins.
  • provide the community the trust and confidence they need to make more informed recycling decisions.


1. Buy our Coastal Crunch Protein Crunch packs that now feature the ‘Roll ‘n’ Recycle® mark.
2. Once you’ve finished the pack, roll the pouch until it becomes a cylinder shape.
3. Lift and peel the supplied sticker on the back of the pack and stick firmly to ensure the cylinder shape holds throughout the recycling collection journey.
4. Place the rolled packaging into your home/kerbside recycling bin. These plastics will then be sorted correctly and properly recycled at the recycling facility.

We jumped at the chance to join the the Roll ‘n’ Recycle® program. We have always wanted to find a solution to the dilemma of plastic being the most effective packaging for food products vs their effect on the environment. We have committed to the program for all our newly printed packaging in the ‘stand up pouch’ style which complements our use of PET recyclable packaging for our ready to eat retail bar and slice range.

If you want to learn more about us and our products, get in touch with Coastal Crunch today.

Roll N Recycle Label