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Coastal Crunch Lupin Protein Bars

The events of the last few years have changed how many of us work and many aspects of our lives, including what we eat. One of the things we have seen is the drastic emptying of shelves and fluctuating inconsistency of our food sources. Many of us want to manage our health better, and sourcing healthy local products has become increasingly important. The good news is that Lupin is fantastic for your health and is grown here in WA. Lupin is a high-protein, nutritious legume and contains all the essential amino acids.

Four tablespoons of lupin has as much protein as two eggs and is also a good source of fibre. Additionally, lupin is low in fat and saturated fats and contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. If you are looking for a healthy snack that will give you the nutrients your body needs, try some of the lupin-based products we have at Coastal Crunch! It is one of the best sources of dietary fibre available; Lupin beans have more protein in a 100-calorie serving than other popular legumes, including chickpeas and soybeans.

What is dietary Fibre?

Dietary fibres are indigestible carbohydrates that pass through the large intestine and provide our gut flora with what they need to flourish. There are different types of dietary fibre, some of which perform different roles in the gut.
Soluble fibres in foods slow down digestion and can help lower blood cholesterol levels. Soluble fibre is an excellent way to keep your bowel regularity. Prebiotic fibres promote the growth of friendly bacteria in the intestines.

Lupin and Weight Regulation

Lupin also has high amounts of two types of protein protective against weight gain and helps stabilise blood glucose and insulin levels.
High fibre foods tend to have fewer kilojoules (calories) per gram, so a bowl of lupin granola is lower in kilojoules than other protein sources. It helps your body delay absorbing any sugars avoiding that dreaded sugar spike.

Lupin and gut health

Oligosaccharides in Australian Lupin are the prebiotics that feeds the good bacteria in your gut. This is great for maintaining healthy gut flora and keeping your intestines running smoothly. They promote the growth of friendly bifidobacteria in the intestines. The growth of friendly bifidobacteria in the intestines is associated with a decreased risk of allergies and asthma, and benefits gut health.

Healthy snacks have many health benefits, including reducing the risk of obesity and heart disease, improving bowel regularity, promoting healthy blood sugar levels and protecting against weight gain. Some potential health benefits include refreshing gut flora, improving mineral absorption, protecting against intestinal infections and improving some inflammatory conditions. If you have tried everything else, adding our lupin-based products to your diet may be the answer to your gut health prayers!

Why Lupin Protein Bars?

Protein bars are a fantastic way to starve off those sugar cravings and balance your diet if you want to protect your health and regulate your weight. By reaching for one of these, you can enjoy a sweet indulgence but also know that you have gone for a healthy alternative that won't disrupt your meals.

Our founder and in-house Chef, Tim, has created a range of gluten-free protein bars and vegan snacks that can be a great alternative to the classic unhealthy snacks around, and the lupin flakes and honey used in them are 100% sourced from WA growers.

Dipping into his bag of tools and knowledge of the best ingredients for his recipes, Tim has teamed up with WA beekeepers to source the best honey possible. He then locally sourced Lupin from WA farms to bring us a range of protein bars that are gluten-free, vegan and very easy to pack in the bag and take anywhere. They are also endorsed by the Coeliac Society of Australia.

His specialty range is Skinny Dippin ' Protein Bars, which have no refined sugars packed with 12 grams of protein.

So whether you're after a healthy snack to tide you over until your next meal or looking for an indulgent treat that won't send your blood sugar levels into orbit, Coastal Crunch's range of bars and snacks are perfect for you!
They come in Cacao and Almond and Cranberry and Honey and make the perfect snack for the lunch box or to take after sport of exercising outdoors.

Each of our products is made with love and care, and we hope you'll take the time to try one out today!


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