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Summer is here, and as the weather warms up so do we. We have new products in the making and special offers to be announced.

But one of the most exciting announcements is our head chef and owner Tim just welcomed a new arrival – a baby boy, Jasper.

We’re super chuffed for our boss, but it got us thinking – how well do we really know the man behind Perth’s healthiest granola?

We realised, not very well! We sat down and asked him a few questions… And yes, this interview contains lupin. Sorry, not sorry!

What’s exciting you right now?

The cricket season has started! That’s exciting. But becoming a dad is definitely the most exciting. We had Jasper’s first swimming lesson today. That was fun. In terms of Coastal Crunch, I’m looking forward to releasing the new products we’ve been working on.

What are your new products?

Protein bars. We’re testing a few different ones right now. They all contain lupin, of course,  as it’s naturally high in protein and fibre – perfect for protein bars. They’ll be on the shelves soon. We’ve also been experimenting with some raw snacks and slices.

What motivated you to start Coastal Crunch?

I’d been working as a chef for a while, and needed a change. As a chef working in a restaurant, you tend to make the same things over and over again. It can get a bit boring. One of the motivations to start a business was to be in control of the decision-making, and spend time on the things I thought were important. I also wanted to create something from scratch and stimulate my creativity.  I now have that freedom.

Have you always wanted to start your own business?

I always wanted to be my own boss, but never really knew what shape or form that would take. I knew it would relate to food though. Coastal Crunch was perfect for me, as it didn’t cost much to start up and I could work on it while working in a restaurant.

And why granola?

I saw other people making granola, and felt that if they could do it so could I. I also like the fact that there’s different ways you can play with granola recipes. I started granola with oats but had a lot of people asking if it was gluten-free, so I tried lupin as the main ingredient. I realised not many granolas had an oat substitute, and people really liked it so I kept making it.

What’s so good about Lupin?

It does all sorts of cool stuff! Lupin is very nutrient-rich. It’s high in protein, fiber and amino acids, but low in carbohydrates. It helps to reduce blood pressure, improves glucose metabolism in diabetics, and is known to suppress your appetite. Curtin University has done a lot of research about lupin’s benefits actually. It’s also grown in WA. I like keeping it local.

What’s your other favourite ingredient in your granola?

Chia seeds! They’re also grown in WA, and they’re good for you. Chia seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and calcium. But I have to say lupin is definitely the star of the show.

What’s the best way to eat Coastal Crunch’s granola?

My favourite way to eat Coastal Crunch is definitely with yoghurt and fruit.  I prefer coconut yoghurt but really, any type of yoghurt is great. If you have a bit more time on your hands or want to show off a bit, then a smoothie bowl can be even tastier.  Try blending up some frozen banana with blueberries or any other fruit you might have lying around, and just sprinkle the granola on top. Keep it simple, the granola is so crunchy you don't have to do too much and it will taste great.  

Describe a day in the life of Tim?

Every day is different. My day usually starts at 630-7am when Jasper gets up. I play around with him for a couple of hours before his first nap. The only structure I have is when we’re in the kitchen twice a week, and out delivering. Everything else depends on what Jasper is up to.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

Product development – experimenting with food, messing around with recipes, and making stuff taste good. Being in the kitchen is the most fun.

Favourite meal to cook right now?/summer salad? Light and seasonal?

With the warm weather now here we’ve been eating lighter meals. I love cooking on the bbq because it's so quick and easy.  A recent favourite was some chicken breast marinated in lemongrass, garlic and lemon, bbq’d with asparagus and zucchini drizzled with a mango and chilli dressing.


Why do you like living in Perth?

It’s where my friends and family are for starters. Perth is all about the lifestyle – sport, summer, being outdoors, relaxing, and of course the beach.

Your top 5 things to do in Perth?

  • Grab a coffee and hang out with my family and friends at Hyde Park
  • Take a walk around Maylands foreshore
  • Catch a game of cricket of footy at the new stadium
  • Hang out with my family and the growing collection of kids
  • Going out for dinner with my partner

Three favourite cafes in Perth?

Favourite Perth food producer?

Green Street Kitchen. The founder Gavin makes great fermented foods like Sauerkraut and Kimchi, as well as a range of fermented drinks. Gavin’s products are all gut-friendly and most importantly, taste delicious.  His black miso and garlic kimchi is a great addition to a burger for a sour kick!

Who/what inspires you and why?

Blokes like Gavin from Green Street Kitchen inspire me. They’ve taken a passion for food and turned it into a successful business. That’s my goal as well.

What’s been the highlight of your Coastal Crunch journey so far?

Going to stores and seeing my product on the shelf, and knowing I did all the work to make it happen.

Like the sound of Tim? Buy his granola. It’s vegan, gluten-free and healthy. Get it here.

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  • Posted on by Peter Bassett

    I’ve been trying a lot of muesli’s and granolas, both commercial and home made, that i can eat without triggering my gastritis. At last I have found one-your lupin granola.
    Oats are a trigger for me, and there is also something else in most commercial versions that also gets a reaction.
    My, my wife and our adult daughter have now switched to the lupin granola.
    We add a few more pepitas and sunflowers seeds, and I have mine with home made kefir. Perfect.

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