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Recipe Card for the Oat-based Original Recipe

Coastal Crunch first came about as an idea many years ago in 2015. Our founder Tim and a friend, both chefs, were hashing out ideas, trying to think of something they could do on the side that didn’t involve working in a restaurant.  

After initially thinking they’d do a food truck together, and doing a food stall for one season of the ‘Twilight Hawkers Market’ in the City of Perth, they decided that doing a packaged, ready to eat product would be a simple way of getting started.  

The initial goal was simple - to make a product that was tasty, healthy, packaged as sustainably as possible and made from local ingredients.

The Earth Bags, our first type of packaging for CC granola

After a few days of testing in the kitchen, the original recipe for an oat based granola was born. This first batch was packaged up into biodegradable ‘Earth Bags’, labelled with a simple label and taken to a festival in Leederville to see if anyone would be interested. The initial feedback was encouraging and everyone loved the taste, but there was overwhelming feedback for a gluten free product.  

At the same time, Tim was using a lot of lupin on the menu of the restaurant he was working in, and that sparked the idea for using lupin instead of oats. It was a natural fit, lupin was grown in WA and was also gluten free. After hours, days and weeks of experiments in the kitchen, the first lupin based granola recipe was born - our Cacao, Hazelnut & Chia Protein Crunch.

The First Lupin-based granola for Coastal Crunch

Once we worked out the Nutrition Information Panel for this flavour we knew we were onto something special, as the profile was completely unique to most of the other Granola and Muesli products on the market. Utilising lupin instead of oats meant that there was an increase in protein and fibre and a reduction in carbohydrates to your traditional blends.  

Back in those early days, we used the FSANZ nutritional panel calculator to devise our nutritional panels. As we’ve grown, our process has become more precise and we now send our products off to a lab to be tested, to work out the exact nutrition information.  This is why our nutrition panels have changed slightly over time, but our recipes have stayed almost exactly the same!

The range is endorsed by the Coeliac Society of Australia as being Gluten Free.  The lab has tested for any traces of gluten in the products and gluten containing products are banned from our production facility, so there is zero chance of cross contamination.  

Our most recent addition, Gingernut Crunch, is hitting the shelves right now, just in time for winter.  It’s a warming blend that goes really well with stewed fruits and natural yoghurt.

Our 3 main granola flavours to date. Available from our website and selected stockists


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