Healthy granola you say?

Yes! I aim to use only wholesome ingredients in all of my products. Each recipe is packed with heaps of seeds, grains and nuts. I also use lupin flakes in all my recipes which are ridiculously high in protein and fibre.

If you inspect the nutritional information panel of my products you will notice a high amount of fat in most of the them! This is due to the enourmous amount of seeds and nuts I put in every recipe, as well as coconut oil which is rich in healthy fats. All of my products are free of any trans fat.

I use only organic coconut sugar which is an unrefined sugar and takes less water to produce than normal cane sugar. I also make an effort to try not to go overboard - all the granolas have less than 10g/100g sugar content, and less than 1tsp per serve.

What is lupin?

Lupin is a legendary Western Australian legume that is high in protein and fibre and low in carbohydrate. As well as having an amazing nutrient profile, it is also an important crop for our farmers as lupins help to renitrogenate the soil they're grown in. This puts goodness back into the ground and regenerates the soil, helping to increase the yield of other crops throughout the farming cycle.

Carbon neutral deliveries?

Yes! All orders are shipped with Sendle. You can check out their carbon neutral program here.