Coastal Crunch is made by me, Tim, a locally trained chef from Western Australia.  My mission is to create 'healthy eats for a healthy planet.'




Coastal Crunch came about from a love of yummy and healthy food and a passion for the outdoors.  As well as making wholesome food products, I'm committed to being as sustainable as possible. 

I prioritise buying ingredients from as close to home as I can. My products feature Western Australian grown lupin, a legume that is high in protein (40%) and fibre (37%).  Lupin is an important crop in the farming cycle as it helps to regenerate the soil it's grown in.  

I've just got some new packaging made for the lupin granola and so im going round Perth trying to get it stocked in as many stores as possible. 

If you can't find it at your local store, ask them to get in touch, otherwise you can order it from the products page and ill get it delivered to your door!