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I caught up with Logan from Little Bird Cafe in Northbridge who ran me through the recipe for the latest dish on their menu, the 'Black Lava Bowl', featuring my Matcha & Macadamia Lupin Granola.

Little Bird are known for their creative and stylish take on dishes that are always healthy and packed full of interesting ingredients.  They also make an awesome range of cakes with heaps of options for gluten free and vegan diets.  The staff their are legends as well!


1 banana

1 handful of blueberries

2tbsp almond milk

1tsp activated charcoal

45g Matcha & Macadamia Lupin Granola

2 halved strawberries

2tsp dessicated coconut

1 handful of dehydrated rhubarb

1 sprinkle of lemon balm

edible flowers



  • Freeze the banana, blueberries and activated charcoal together
  • Puree together in a blender with the almond milk until its smooth


  • Place the black lava puree into the bowl, sprinkle over the granola and coconut and decorate with the rest of the ingredients


  • Eat it !



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