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Everyone has core values, principles that shape the way we interact and the choices we make. At Coastal Crunch it’s no different. Today we’ve outlined some things that are important to us as a business, sharing with you why we do what we do, and what motivates us every day to do it better!

We believe in closing the loop, and creating a future that we're proud of. From the people we choose to work with, through to packaging and delivering our products, we don't compromise on reusing, recycling, and doing whatever we can to leave only a positive impact.

We believe in making it happen. Because believing is not a passive word, it means getting out of bed when you'd rather sleep in. It means taking risks and taking chances. Whatever you're trying to do might not be easy, but it will be worth it.

We believe in passion and determination. Hard work pays off. Late nights and early mornings are a part of what turned this dream into a plan, and that kind of passion drives us to create something that truly stands out.

We believe less is more. We keep things simple with naturally healthy ingredients that taste good, and make you feel even better. We focus on quality over quantity, and never sell anything we don't 100% believe in.

We believe in celebrating the milestones, even the small ones. Big goals give us direction, and small victories on the way are what drive us forward, so we take time out to look at how far we’ve come in our mission to provide healthy eats for a healthy planet.

We believe in staying humble. When we’re feeling on top of the world, we stop to take a look at the people around us. The ones who are beside us, supporting us every step of the way. Our friends, family, and you- our customers!

We believe in change, because it's everywhere. We don't just accept change, we thrive on it. Every change is an opportunity to grow and be better.

We believe in adventure, and creativity, and having an open mind. Everyday we're given time we can't take back, so use it well. Learn something new, try something different and give everything and everyone a chance. You never know where you'll go.

We believe our customers are like our family.We’re proud to be a local business, supporting locals. With the internet we have the opportunity to reach Australia Wide, but our principle stays the same- our customers are our family, and it's thanks to you that we’re able to do what we do.

These core values are behind everything we do, and you'll see them reflected  in every aspect of our business. Businesses are all ultimately shaped by consumers, so it's up to consumers to choose businesses that reflect their individual values!

Enjoy your week and make it a great one. Stay tuned for our September blog where we are chatting with a qualified Naturopath on the health benefits behind the ingredients we use!


Tim and the Coastal Crunch team.


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